Once thought of as a requirement for only the most elite applications, 24/7 system uptime has become the standard for surviving in today‘s global business environment. Power interruptions can trigger data corruption, jeopardize hardware integrity, and even cause loss of life. Back-up power systems are now being used in applications as diverse as large data centers, trackside, and even the home office to name a few.

The weakest link in the chain design of battery strings renders VRLA batteries the most susceptible failure point of the entire power protection system. NEXTYS advanced battery management network accurately measures crucial parameters needed to assure the user that the battery system is healthy and available to perform when needed.

The NEXTYS patented state-of-the-art design achieves a significant cost breakthrough making battery monitoring available to all users who depend on mission-critical systems. Installation is fast and inexpensive with snap-in pre-terminated cabling.


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