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Are You Prepared?

In the event of a power failure, will your backup system support your equipment? Your power supply supports the nerve center of your business. It is imperative that your backup system protects you in the event of a utility power failure.

In order to be sure that your system will do just that, it is crucial that your Battery system receives regular planned maintenance. Remember the old Christmas tree lights, when one light failed the entire string stopped working? UPS batteries work the same way.

Preventative Maintenance Services

EEE recommends 2-4 Preventative Maintenance visits per year. Pow’r Guardian tailors all maintenance programs around IEEE specs, and my listening to the customer.
Manufacturers require users to submit periodic maintenance reports before honoring warranty.

Below is a brief list of IEEE requirements.

  • Measure and record the total battery voltage and charging current.
  • Measure and record AC ripple voltage.
  • Measure and record AC ripple current.
  • Inspect jars and covers for cracks and leakage
  • Look for corrosion.
  • Measure and record the ambient temperature.
  • Inspect battery rack and cabinet
  • Measure and record the float voltage of all jars.
  • Measure and record all internal ohmic readings.
  • Retorque all connections to manufacturers spec.
  • Provide written report
Powr Guardian
Powr Guardian

Get Your Power Systems Ready for Business

Power systems are often complex and hard to keep track of. Our Desoto, Texas-based company makes things easier for you by providing various helpful services. Don't just sit back and hope that everything goes fine; get proactive about your power situation. Our useful services include:

  • Turnkey Installation
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Battery and DC Power System Installation
  • EPA-Approved-and-Documented Battery Removal and Disposal
  • Capacity Load Testing per IEEE 450
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Deinstallation Recycling

For over 30 years Pow’r Guardian has been providing removal and disposal service for power equipment and lead acid batteries. EPA and DOT guidelines are stringently followed.

Lead acid batteries are sent to EPA approved smelters and over 95% of the material is reacclimated. Used material is properly disposed. PGI maintains all documentation in house and provides Certificates of Disposal upon request.

Powr Guardian
Powr Guardian

Discharge Testing

IEEE recommends battery capacity testing at or before installation, and during the first two years that the cells are in service. This testing can be tailored to customers specifications

  • Full load testing vs actual load on the UPS
  • Utilizing a customer load vs a load bank
  • Monitoring each cell or battery jar vs string voltage.

Typical standards that are followed

  • IEEE 450 for Flooded or Wet Cell jars (VLA)
  • IEEE 1188 Sealed jars (VRLA)

Once completed the customer will receive a full report outlining testing procedure and subsequent results.